Want to learn how I book commercials?

Some quick tips! 
1. Slating your name isn't just about your name, let them see your personality, it begins when you walk into the room. 
2. Hold the product in your right hand with the label facing camera, and glance at it before talking.
3. Bring a beginning, middle, and end to every copy, including copy as short as one word. You can do that by simply as adding a small gesture (like #2) at the beginning and end. 

Interested in the class? I'm flexible on payment and donate 50% of my proceeds to Cystinosis Research Foundation


Cystinosis is considered an “orphan” disease because it affects fewer than 200,000 people, one happens to be my nephew.

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I've appeared in over 20 national and regional commercials since 2013. I look forward to sharing what I've learned with you!

      and I want to work with you for 10+ hours       
Take my 90 minute private Zoom class targeted towards actors from a theater or TV/Film background.