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I build my cat castles.


Which means I'm crafty, I like to recycle,

and I'm a cool cat lady. 

When I’m not enriching feline lives or embarrassing my on-camera kids (like in Hello Flo’s #FirstMoonParty campaign) you can find me cooking new recipes, planning family games, hosting bookclub, listening to NPR, jogging, coaching actors, or cheering at a sporting event with my love, Paul. 

On IG: #MariettesWreaths #MariettesCrafts #MariettesWalkJogs #MarietteBoothActor

Hosting Thanksgiving Bookclub
Cheering on the Nets
Papaya's Food Truck, NYC
BTS Dissocia 
Arco de Triunfo de Barcelona
Festivus Family Game 

Mariette Booth:
NYC actor confidently serving southern charm with a side dish of whimsy.  

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